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The Initiative Organizational Committee

The Initiative Organizational Committee, which provides a central group for directing Iactivities, consists of the following members:

Training Program for Translational Imaging (TPTRI)

    • Principal Investigator of the TPTRI: Dr. Elliot McVeigh
    • Trainees 2011-2012
      • Jennifer Xu, Kwame Kutten, Lindsay Wendel, Sarah Friedman, Shiva
    • Trainees 2010-2011
      •  Carmen Kut, Geran Kostecki, Jaymin Patel, Jessica Mavadia, Kwame Kutten, Liheng Guo

Hopkins Imaging Initiative

    • The central points-of-contact for organizing the Imaging Initiative
      • Directive Leaders: Issel Anne Lim, Di Xu
      • Contact: johnshopkinsimaging@gmail.com
      • Current Committee Leaders listed below
      • Members who have signed up to be in various committee are listed in this spreadsheet.

The Networking Committee (Professional / Events)

  • Leader: Sahar Soleimanifard, Liheng Guo, Sarah Friedman
  • Contact: johnshopkinsimaging+networking@gmail.com
  • General Events
  • Professional Interests
    • Subcommittee Leaders: Sahar Soleimanifard, Kwame Kutten, Liheng Guo
    • Contact: johnshopkinsimaging+professional@gmail.com
    • Responsibilities:
      • Providing connections with professional options for collaborations or careers
      • Contacting industry professionals to partner in research internships, provide job prospects, or utilize resources
      • Creating career panels, advice, tips
      • Internship opportunities, partnerships, job prospects
      • Alumni Database: johnshopkinsimaging+alumni@gmail.com
        • Compiling connections in industry, government, academia
      • Job Database: johnshopkinsimaging+job@gmail.com
        • Job opportunities are posted to our Job Blog (link coming soon!)
  • Recruitment
    • Subcommittee Leaders: Sarah Friedman
    • Contact: johnshopkins+prospective@gmail.com
    • Responsibilities:
      • Answering questions from prospective students
      • Showcasing imaging labs at recruitment weekend and orientation (lab tours, etc.)
      • Recruiting top talent for our graduate training program
  • Imaging Contests
  • Members
    • Geran Kostecki, Liheng Guo, Di Xu, Sahar Soleimanifard, Jaymin Patel, Issel Anne Lim, Kwame Kutten, Dan Wu, Domenico Zacà

The Conference Committee (Hopkins Imaging Conference)

    • Leaders: Lindsay Wendel, Geran Kostecki
    • Contact: johnshopkinsimaging+conference@gmail.com
    • Planning our annual Hopkins Imaging Conference
    • Members
      • Issel Anne Lim, Jaymin Patel, Kwame Kutten, Dan Wu, Nikolaos Karakatsanis

The Outreach Committee (Community Service)

  • Outreach and Community Service
    • Leaders: Carmen Kut
    • Contact: johnshopkinsimaging+outreach@gmail.com
    • Fostering an interest in biomedical imaging research within the community
    • Community Service
      • Join one of the many community service programs at JHU to showcase imaging (lead tours, teach science, adopt a high school student for a summer)
      • Community Science Day: teaching science to a local elementary school
      • Project IMAGE: discussing issues in imaging with the Baltimore Community

The Lecture Committee (Tutorials / Seminars)

    • Leader: Jennifer Xu
    • Contact: johnshopkinsimaging+lecture@gmail.com
    • Imaging Tutorials
      • Subcommittee Leaders: Jaymin Patel, Issel Anne Lim
      • Contact: johnshopkinsimaging+tutorial@gmail.com
      • Responsibilities:
        • Scheduling experienced students to give lectures on basic aspects of imaging research, e.g. from Fourier Transforms to MRI to Anatomy
        • Online web form for students and faculty to suggest mini-courses or lectures that would be most useful for imaging students to give a basic understanding for prerequisites or fill in the gaps that aren't taught by imaging courses
        • Video-recording some of these lectures as an open courseware resource
        • Users can vote for specific lecturers to produce more or longer videos
        • Some ideas: Fourier Transforms, MRI, Neuroanatomy
        • Including step-by-step or hands-on software tutorials
    • Symposia and Seminars
      • Subcommittee Leaders: Jennifer Xu, Sajendra Nithiananthan
      • Contact: johnshopkinsimaging+seminar@gmail.com
      • Responsibilities:
        • Planning lectures by distinguished faculty members
        • Annual symposium: Introducing faculty outside the BME department via ten-minute "chalk talks" to showcase rotation opportunities
        • Seminars: General presentations (faculty, students at the FSSHH, etc.)
    • Members: Kwame Kutten, Dr. Elliot McVeigh, Nikolaos Karakatsanis

The Compilation Committee (Resources / Web)

    • Leaders: Di Xu, Kwame Kutten
    • Contact: johnshopkinsimaging+compilation@gmail.com
    • Resources
      • Subcommittee Leaders: Kwame Kutten, Dan Wu
      • Contact: johnshopkinsimaging+resource@gmail.com
      • Responsibilities:
        • Gathering anything that will help students in imaging
          • Links, available software and databases, media, books, conferences, publications
          • Names of all imaging researchers and groups at JHU
          • Available thesis or rotation projects
        • Media Database: gallery of images, videos, etc. from JHU collaborations
    • Publicity / Historical
      • Subcommittee Leaders:
      • Contact:
      • Responsibilities: 
        • Posting easy-to-read synopses about each imaging area for non-science-y people
        • Compiling controversial issues in imaging and how we deal with them
    • Curriculum
      • Leader: Jessica Mavadia
      • Contact: johnshopkinsimaging+curriculum@gmail.com
      • Curriculum Planning
        • Outlining classes that effectively educate biomedical imaging students
          • Engineering: ask faculty and students which established classes are useful or "essential" for imaging students
          • Basic Science: ask which classes build a solid foundation (quantum physics? biology?)
          • Clinical: schedule time with the Residency Training Program for trainees to observe radiology case studies
          • Intercession courses: recruiting students to give intense advanced courses in lieu of the TA-requirement (BME)
      • Academic Evaluations
        • Reviewing classes, professors, teaching assistants, media
      • Members
        •  Carmen Kut, Shadi Toghi-Eshghi, Issel Anne Lim, Amir Pourmorteza, Hassan Mohy-ud-Din, Xingde Li, Jeff Siewerdsen, Elliot McVeigh
    • Calendar Coordinators
      • Subcommittee Leader: Kwame Kutten
      • Contact: johnshopkinsimaging+calendar@gmail.com
      • Responsibilities:
        • Combining all imaging events, seminars, journal clubs, conferences, retreats, etc. from various calendars
        • Please add johnshopkinsimaging+calendar@gmail.com to all of the events mailing lists
        • Sending a weekly email about imaging events for that week
    • Webmasters
      • Subcommittee Leaders: Issel Anne Lim, Kwame Kutten
      • Contact: johnshopkinsimaging+web@gmail.com
      • Responsibilities:
        • Online surveys (forms to gather member feedback)
        • Maintaining the mailing lists
        • Organizing and editing the information on the website
    • Members
      • Kwame Kutten, Issel Anne Lim, Jaymin Patel, Amir Pourmorteza

Mailing Lists and Online Groups

Website Information

This Johns Hopkins Imaging Initiative website was created in 2011 by PhD student Issel Anne Lim. Many of the online resources are now shared amongst JHU biomedical imaging students, and all are invited to collaborate in editing the website. If you would like to contribute, please email our current Webmaster via johnshopkinsimaging@gmail.com

[More information coming soon!]