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This section chronicles the people who have formed the Hopkins Imaging Initiative. Previous events have been archived by academic year in the Calendar section.

The Hopkins Imaging Initiative (HII) began in 2010, growing from the creation of the Training Program in Translational Research in Imaging at JHU. The "Imaging Initiative" (a.k.a., HII, I2, HI2) seeks to include all Hopkins affiliates that develop imaging resources, in order to nurture a network of versatile researchers. If you would like to become a part of the Imaging Initiative, please submit the form on our Join the Initiative section. 

Previous Positions


More information can be found in the HII 2010-2011 section.

The Founding Members of the Imaging Initiative

  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Elliot McVeigh
  • Directive Leaders: Issel Anne Lim, Di Xu
  • Committees
    • Curriculum Committee
      • Leaders: Jessica Mavadia, Carmen Kut
      • Members: Shadi Toghi-Eshi, Issel Anne Lim, Hassan Mohy-ud-Din, Dr. Xingde Li, Dr. Jeff Siewerdsen, Dr. Elliot McVeigh
    • Lectures Committee:
      • Leader: Carmen Kut 
      • Members: Jaymin Patel, Sajendra Nithianathan, Issel Anne Lim, Kwame Kutten, Farhad Pashakhanloo
    • Networking Committee
      • Leaders: Geran Kostecki, Sahar Soleimanifard, Bradley Harden
      • Members: Liheng Guo, Jaymin Patel, Di Xu, Amir Pourmorteza, Giann Gorospe, Hassan Mohy-ud-Din, Nikolaos Karakatsanis, Yi Zhang, Dan Wu, Carmen Kut, Issel Anne Lim, Kwame Kutten, Domenico Zacà
    • Outreach Committee
      • Leader: Carmen Kut
      • Members: Jessica Mavadia, Issel Anne Lim
    • Compilation Committee
      • Leaders: Kwame Kutten, Di Xu
      • Members: Jaymin Patel, Issel Anne Lim, Amir Pourmorteza, Liheng Guo
    • Finance Committee
      • Leader: Bradley Harden
      • Members: Carmen Kut, Kwame Kutten, Di Xu

Trainees of the TRTPI

  • Liheng Guo
  • Bradley Harden
  • Geran Kostecki
  • Carmen Kut
  • Kwame Kutten
  • Jessica Mavadia
  • Jaymin Patel


These students have graduated from our program.

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