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2011-05-05 Organizational Meeting: Restructuring

posted May 17, 2011, 11:51 AM by Issel Anne Lim   [ updated Jun 13, 2011, 12:08 PM ]

Hopkins Imaging Initiative: Meeting Minutes


Compiled by Issel Anne L. Lim


Structure of the Training Grant

-          Four main committees:

o   Curriculum

o   Lectures (Tutorials / Seminars)

o   Networking (Professional / Events)

o   Compilation (Resources / Web)

-          Each committee has a leader and several subcommittees

o   Structure: http://imaging.jhu.edu/about-us

o   You may be officially listed as a member of a committee if you have contributed to the committee and attended an organizational meeting

-          Imaging Initiative Organization:

o   Published with email addresses:

§  https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0Amm8Um9b8zBzdDV6MnhJY0JwX1hJLXc4UDhFNGhMamc&hl=en&authkey=CI310fUP#gid=7

o   Published with names only:

§  https://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=0Amm8Um9b8zBzdDBUbUFGRDdQVVRaa3k2OXViUDNxQ1E&output=html


The Curriculum Committee

-          Leaders: Jessica Mavadia (johnshopkinsimaging+curriculum@gmail.com)

-          Current official members: Bradley Harden, Carmen Kut, Shadi , Amir Pourmorteza, Hassan Mohy-ud-Din

-          Faculty: Xingde Li, Jeff Siewerdsen, Elliot McVeigh

-          Included Areas

o   Planning suggested curriculum for each imaging area

o   Academic Evaluations

§  Reviews of classes, professors, media

o   Intercession courses

§  Recruit students to give intense advanced courses instead of TA-ing

o   Clinical classes

§  Sitting in on case reviews, interesting lectures, etc.


The Lecture Committee (Tutorials / Seminars)

-          Leader: Carmen Kut (johnshopkinsimaging+seminar@gmail.com)

-          Current official members: Jaymin, Kwame, Shadi, Issel, Wenxuan

-          Included Areas

o   Imaging Tutorials and workshops (given by professors, senior students, post-docs, etc.)

§  Recorded ten-minute videos (like MIT Open Courseware or the Khan Academy http://www.khanacademy.org/)

§  Tasks

·         Create online web form for students and faculty to suggest mini-courses of lectures that would be most useful for imaging students

·         People can vote online for:

o   Specific lecturers to produce more or longer videos

o   Topics that they want to cover

·         Schedule a time and a room (Fall? Weekly? Monthly?) or just record lectures?

·         Create a schedule for recording

§  Topics

·         What are the prerequisites for imaging courses? These could fill in some gaps (i.e., if a clinician wants to know "the essentials" of Fourier Transforms, he could watch this lecture)

·         Step-by-step tutorials on how to use imaging software

·         Fourier Transforms, Biostatistics, MRI, Neuroanatomy

·         Clinical overviews: anatomy, essential clinical techniques

§  Possible Lectures

·         Fourier Transforms: Alan Huang

·         PET: Dr. Arman Rahmim

·         Simulations (analytical, Monte Carlo): Nicholas Karakatsanis

o   Recruitment chalk talks

§  Professors introduce research projects and opportunities for trainees

§  Answer the questions: My lab does ___, ___, and ___. A student in my lab would work on ___, ___, and ___.

o   Seminars

§  Credits for seminar attendance (Cathy Jancuk, Hong Lan)

§  See a series of lectures for big shot professors over intercession (reimburse for travel)

·         Suggestions: Drs. Bruce Rosen, Scott Fraser

·         Lectures for BME Seminars or Intercession Course

·         Lesson afterwards or beforehand (an hour or more chalk talk w/ the imaging students)

§  Find students to present at the BME FSSHH


The Networking Committee (Professional / Events)

-          Leaders: Geran Kostecki (johnshopkinsimaging+event@gmail.com)

-          Current official members: Liheng Guo, Amir Pourmorteza, Di Xu, Sahar Soleimanifard, Sebastian Schaefer

-          Included Areas:

o   Imaging Research Conference / Research Day: October or November

§  Work with Joyce, Melanie to get rooms, facilities

§  A few "big" professor speakers, student presentations

§  Conference that showcases all imaging at JHU?

§  Cardiology training grant: May 19th and 20th

o   Imaging Competitions/Awards

§  Subcommittee Leader: Giann Gorospe

§  "Most Awesome Image" Competition

o   Jobs: johnshopkinsimaging+job@gmail.com

§  Talking about career trajectory for different companies, government agencies, academia

§  Tips on interviewing / finding a job

§  Create job blog or some forum to post jobs online

§  Prospective jobs can be forwarded to johnshopkinsimaging+job@gmail.com

o   Alumni: johnshopkinsimaging+alumni@gmail.com

§  Compiling a database of alumni to show where we go

o   Recruitment: johnshopkinsimaging+prospective@gmail.com

§  Answering emails from prospective students

§  Presenting JHU BME at conferences (BMES)

§  Directly email departments (EE, BME, etc.)

§  Organize lab tours and imaging-related networking for recruitment weekend

o   Professional Interests: Database

§  Subcommittee Leaders: Liheng Guo, Sahar Soleimanifard

§  Contact: johnshopkinsimaging+professional@gmail.com

§  Contact industry professionals to:

·         Partner in research internships

·         Provide job prospects

·         Utilize resources

o   Mailing list for volunteers

o   Community Service



The Compilation Committee (Resources / Web)

-          Leader: Di Xu (johnshopkinsimaging+web@gmail.com)

-          Current official members: Issel Anne Lim, Kwame Kutten (calendar), Wenxuan Liang, Giann Gorospe

-          Calendar email: johnshopkinsimaging+calendar@gmail.com

-          Included Areas:

o   Resources

§  Links

§  Available software and databases (and where to get them; see previous minutes for suggestions)

§  Useful media, books, conferences

§  Names of all imaging researchers and groups at JHU

·         Faculty bios

·         Names of lab members

§  Media gallery showcasing the work from the imaging groups at JHU

§  Available thesis or rotation projects under each faculty member

§  Publications from JHU imaging affiliates (this could be a link to a PubMed search for "Johns Hopkins" + "imaging")

o   Publicity + Historian

§  Photographs, videos, recording events, recording imaging tutorials

§  Posting an easy-to-read blurb about each imaging area for non-science-y people

§  Controversial issues in imaging and how we deal with them

·         Examples: MRI safety (gadolinium + NSF), CT radiation exposure, PET radioactivity

·         Links to articles, FDA regulations

o   Online surveys

§  Google forms to gather member feedback

o   Maintain mailing lists

§  Announcements: http://groups.google.com/group/imaginginitiative

§  Organizational: http://groups.google.com/group/johnshopkinsimaging

§  Volunteers for imaging studies

·         Join this mailing list to get requests from researchers looking for volunteers (researchers specify age, gender, conditions that they're looking for)

·         Or link to: http://trials.johnshopkins.edu/?ctg=imaging

§  Imaging Initiative Organization:

·         https://spreadsheets.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?authkey=CI310fUP&hl=en&key=t5z2xIcBp_XI-w8P8E4hLjg&hl=en&authkey=CI310fUP#gid=0

o   Calendar

§  Subcommittee Leaders: Kwame Kutten

§  Contact: johnshopkinsimaging+calendar@gmail.com

§  Combining all imaging events / seminars / journal clubs / conferences from various calendars (CIS, ICMIC, JHU, Kirby Center)

§  Add johnshopkinsimaging+calendar@gmail.com to the imaging mailing lists so that the event alerts will be forwarded to the calendar coordinator

§  Send weekly email about imaging events for that week