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2011-06-07 HII Curriculum Committee Meeting

posted Jun 16, 2011, 5:39 AM by Jessica Mavadia-Shukla
Attendees: Issel Anne Lim, Jessica Mavadia, Shadi Toghi Eshghi, Carmen Kut,  Dr. Elliot McVeigh

  1. Intern courses are from several different departments Radiation Oncology, Cardiology, Radiology, Medical Oncology, ENT and Surgery and the schedules are still being finalized
    1. Radiation Oncology schedule has been made available but is not finalized yet and courses are MT Th F 9-0 with lectures on Thursday
    2. Medical Oncology has being resistive to allowing BMEs attend intern lectures
    3. Cardiology- Schedule is available (not sure)
    4. We would like to get in touch with ENT and Surgery for endoscopic Procedures
    5. Other Medical Departments such as Pathology would also be useful for molecular imaging students in BME
    6. Courses should be made available to trainees and BME students
  2. Organization
    1. Courses should be listed on a calendar (if allowed)
    2. A Google form can be created with comprehensive information to tally the students interested in attending certain courses
      1. The form should be submitted to Dr.McVeigh to inform the Attending responsible 
  3. Classes
    1. Several classes that are listed were not offered and upon discussion and list of such courses Dr.McVeigh will contact faculty to see if they will teach the course
      1. Courses Include but are not limited to:
        • Advanced MRI (Herzka)
        • Biomedical Photonics (Li)
        • X-ray Imaging and Computed Tomography (Siewerdsen)
        • Topics in Advanced Microscopy (Kuo/Li)
        • Clinical Applications: Diagnostic Imaging (1) (Siewerdsen)
        • Clinical Applications: Image-Guided Interventions (1) (Siewerdsen)
        • Biomedical Instrumentation I: Molecular and Cellular (Would like this to be offered)
      2. Offer courses to potentially interested students in other departments such as Chem/Bio and interest them in HII