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2011-06-23 Networking Committee Meeting

posted Jun 24, 2011, 10:51 AM by Geran Kostecki   [ updated Sep 23, 2011, 4:50 PM by Issel Anne Lim ]
Attendees: Geran, Issel, Jaymin, Brad, Nikolaos, Hassan, Yi, Di, Kwame, Liheng,..Did I miss somebody?
  • Things Accomplished:
    • Decided on a new 15+5 structure for the talks, with 8 speakers: 4 for Acquisition, 2 for Analysis, and 2 for Application. Talks will be 3 hours, so this leaves 20 minutes fudge time
    • Decided to ask Dr. McVeigh to give a 30 minute introduction both to the conference and the various imaging modalities.
    • Decided on a preliminary list of people to give talks
    • Decided the talks should mainly be an overview of how the speaker's research as it pertains to their given A (Acquisition, Analysis, Application), keeping in mind our goal of showcasing the imaging community to the broader Hopkins community as well as to other labs within imaging to encourage communication and collaboration both within imaging and with groups in other areas of research.
    • Put forward idea to have posters judged by post-docs.
  • Things to do before next meeting:
    • Brad: Get information on venues, such as Armstrong building and basement of BRB/Traylor/Ross
    • Geran: Email Dr. McVeigh about speakers and judges and ask to give overview presentation
    • Geran: Create calendar of dates not to have conference due to conflicts
  • Things to do next meeting:
    • Assign people to ask chosen professors to present
    • Decide on a date for the conference
    • Decide on a venue for the conference
    • Decide whether to include student presentations
    • Decide on a final schedule for the conference
    • Decide on a deadline for abstracts
    • Decide on a format for posters and abstracts
    • Assign somebody to send out an invitation to the conference
    • Assign somebody to send out a call for abstracts
    • Talk about Hassan's idea to combine the conference with a GSA happy hour