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2011-07-19 Networking Conference Planning Meeting

posted Jul 22, 2011, 10:58 AM by Geran Kostecki

Things accomplished:
-Decided which clinicians to invite
-Decided conference will be in Turner Concourse and Turner Auditorium
-Set October 6th as the date pending Dr. McVeigh's availability
-Decided abstract format will be ISMRM

Tasks assigned:
-Draft invitation letter - Issel
-Invite Professors:
Van Zijl - Issel
Xingde Li - Jessica
Miller - Kwame
Tsui - Brad
Prince - Yi
-Contact GSA about funds for happy hour and A/V, and easels/boards - Geran
-Book conference rooms when date known for sure - Brad

Things to do next meeting:
-Decide whether we want student presentations
-Finalize schedule (again)
-Decide a deadline for abstracts
-Send out an announcement for the conference
-Send out a call for abstracts
-Decide who will judge abstracts
-Invite people to judge abstracts
-Assign somebody to set up registration form on imaging website