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2011-09-23 Hopkins Imaging Conference Planning

posted Sep 23, 2011, 4:22 PM by Issel Anne Lim   [ updated Oct 3, 2011, 9:04 AM ]
Geran Kostecki, Bradley Harden, Di Xu, Kwame Kutten, Mehmet Erturk, Yi Zhang, Mark Mentzer, Dan Wu, Issel Anne Lim

Task List:
  • Kwame:
    • Populate our new lists.johnshopkins.edu mailing lists with the email addresses from the Google Groups, the Imaging Initiative Organization Spreadsheet, the Registrants for the Conference spreadsheet
    • Use the python script on the Accepted Abstracts spreadsheet to find the PI with the most submissions
    • Go to GRO meeting and apply for extra conference/lecture funding (anyone else want to come? free pizza! Monday at 6p)
  • Bradley:
    • Finalize the food plan: Papa John's pizza, veggie, snack items, plasticware, napkins, etc. from Costco (see Accounting spreadsheet for more details)
    • Drinks: keg, alcohol
    • Finalize prices/amounts/who's-in-charge-of-what on financing spreadsheet
    • Coordinate the coffee with Joyce
  • Geran
    • Assign numbers / positions for each poster
    • Create a map for the layout of the poster presentations
    • Create ballots for judges (assigning five random posters to each judge; each poster is judged by at least one person with a PhD; final decisions tabulated by 6:40pm)
    • After October 1st: Compile reviewer scores and rankings from the abstracts (these will be counted towards the Research Competition)
  • Issel: 
    • Add Mehmet, Dan, Mark to the mailing list
    • Email departmental administrators next Monday then Tues/Weds before the conference
    • Email professors a reminder about their lecture times
    • Email about October 1st deadline: poster confirmation (to authors who haven't responded), reviewer deadlines, registration
    • Certificates / envelopes for poster prizes?
    • Create Imaging Initiative powerpoint for conference introduction and conference conclusion (with map / poster layout)
  • Volunteering at Conference:
    • Mehmet Erturk, Mark Mentzer, Dan Wu, Di Xu, Yi Zhang

All conference volunteers will wear [blue/colored] nametags. (Registrants will have plain white nametags.)
  • Conference Director/MC: Issel Anne Lim
  • Conference Director/Manager: Geran Kostecki, Bradley Harden
  • AV / Keg Coordination: Bradley Harden
  • Refreshments
    • Getting drinks/food, coordinating with pizza delivery
    • Bradley Harden, Mehmet Erturk, Yi Zhang
  • Camera/Recording:
    • Recording the conference lectures, interviewing / taking photos at the Happy Hour
    • Video: Carmen Kut
    • Photo: Carlos Renjifo
  • Guess That Image! Competition
    • Presentation and tabulating ballots: Jaymin Patel
    • Projector from McVeigh Lab: Liheng Guo
  • Attendee Registration tables
    • Greeting conference registrants, handing out schedules, etc.
    • Dan Wu (more needed!!)
  • Poster Registration tables 
    • Showing people where to put their posters, handing out Peer Choice ballots
    • Di Xu, Dan Wu, Yi Zhang
  • Poster Reviewers/Judges
  • Score Tabulation and Awards
    • Geran Kostecki, Issel Anne Lim

  • Abstract update: More details on the Imaging Posters 2011 list
    • Group 1: ~82: Accepted for Research Competition 
    • Group 2: ~20: May still present poster; eligible for Peer Choice competition
    • Group 3: May not present poster
    • About 40 have confirmed
  • The travel mugs have arrived! They feature the monochromatic logo (designed by Issel) found in our Logos section. 
  • Judging the Posters:
    • Each poster will be judged twice (and at least one of the reviewers will have a PhD)
    • Each judge will review a group of five posters. They will rank each poster from 1st through 5th place in that particular group and grade each poster for technical merit and originality/innovation.
    • Each judge will receive a pre-assigned group of posters.
  • Peer choice ballots will be available at the Poster Registration tables at the Happy Hour.
  • Programs will be available at the top entrance of Turner Auditorium (across from Rutland Avenue), then near the coffee stands (at the front and back of the auditorium).
  • Programs will include: lecture/conference schedule, list of posters that will be presented, map of where posters are located, tear-away peer-choice ballot
  • Two posters can be posted per foamcore board:
    • Session A: 5:30pm - 6:00pm: on the front (A01 - A50)
    • Session B: 6:10pm - 6:40pm: on the back (B01 - B50)

Thank you all for helping!