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2012-04-25: HI^2 Conference Planning

posted May 24, 2012, 2:10 PM by Lindsay Clegg

·         Intros

·         Feedback from last year’s conference: Veterans

o   Change schedule: 1 long (1.5 hr) poster session in middle afternoon (2- 45 min chunks)

§  No more than 40 posters per session (expect less this year since only past 1 year) (Decide if only 40 or 2 sessions when see how many submitted)

§  Need to enforce switching time- more manpower/designated enforcers

§  Reviewers: Some don’t show up.  Ask entire imaging list.  Ask what topics they’d like to review.  Last year: 10 professors, 10 postdocs, 10 graduate students.  No one judge their own lab’s posters.  Assign as many as possible in advance.

§  Use EasyChair anonymous abstract submission software.  Free for conferences.  Also looking other options.  EasyChair quite convenient.

§  Link abstract submission to registration so automatically registered for conference when submit an abstract

§  Put up signs in Turner to guide lost people to the auditorium

§  List posters alphabetically by author/presenter last name

§  Don’t hide the pizza or buy less.

§  Theme for this year or cover everything?  If invite speakers, give at least 30 min (4-6 lecturers)

·         Leaders and Volunteers for Sub-Committees:

o   Food (lunch, snacks, drinks) -> Bradley and Geran

§  Nice snacks, sandwiches, tea, coffee, wraps, cookies, etc.

§  Pizza for volunteers

o   Finances -> Bradley

§  Need to get a budget set

o   Abstracts Submission and Registration (abstract submission, poster selection, registration) -> Di and Geran

§  EasyChair can do abstract submission and registration

o   Abstract Judging (abstract reviewers)-> Nicolas and Jaymin (scoring algorithm)

o   Speaker Coordination (schedule, hosts, parking, gifts) -> Jenn (share Google Docs)

o   Programs -> Lindsay

o   Poster Session Logistics (poster boards, layout, poster reviewers)

o   Public Relations (website updates, fliers, e-mail announcements, calendars, imaging video?) -> Kwame (E-mails: Lindsay)

§  Check center and department websites for updates dept. admin e-mails (bcc!)

o   Volunteers, Prizes, and Supplies (Name tags, plastic ware, AV equipment, pens)

§  AV: Pay for mic in concourse, wireless mic and projector in auditorium

·         Date, Times, and Structure for the Conference: Bradley

o   November 16!

o   Lectures: 1-2:00pm

o   Posters: 2:15-3:15pm

o   Lectures: 3:30-5pm

o   Auditorium and Concourse reserved 10-7

o   Meetings to Check: (All good this year)

§  JHU Fall Break/Columbus Day


§  SFN

§  ISMRM deadline

§  OctobCEST

§  MR/sion Retreat



·         Timeline for conference planning

·         Abstract Submission Deadlines:

o   Abstracts Due: Tuesday, September 18th (extend to 9/19)

o   Give abstracts to reviewers by Friday 9/19

o   Reviewers return abstract scores by 9/15

o   Results to abstract submitters 9/26

·         Announce conference and open registration June 15

o   Test EasyChair in May

o   No registration deadline, but random prize to 1 pre-registrant

·         Scoring of Abstracts and Posters:

o   Rank or Score?

o   Overall awards or separate awards for posters and abstracts?

o   Need to agree on a scoring system!!!

o   Best overall combined.  All reviewers count equally.  Abstract 1/3, Poster 2/3 if 3 judges for each.

§  Contingency plan if issue with poster reviewers.  Have lots of alternate reviewers.

o   Combined everything!

·         By next meeting ( mid-late May):

o   Determine budget (Lindsay)

o   Confirm date and room reservation (Bradley)

o   Test EasyChair software for registration and abstract submission (Di and Geran)