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2012-05-22: HI^2 Conference Planning

posted May 24, 2012, 2:13 PM by Lindsay Clegg

·         Updates:

o   Registration and Abstract Submission System: Di and Geran

§  Use EasyChair.  Will do registration and abstract submission.  May have to e-mail abstracts to reviewers.

§  Require specific format for abstracts. (suppress type in your abstract box)

§  Require key words for abstract so we can sort them.  Have fixed categories, make submitter pick one. 

·         Last year: acquisition (pick your modality), analysis, application

o   Let’s do this!  Will give broad representation from all categories.

o   Budget: Lindsay

§  Budget same as last year (Total: $2300-2500)

·         Food & Refreshments: $1300-1400

·         Prizes: $1000

·         AV System: $100

§  Start with inside speakers (lots left from last year),  Can invite outside speakers

o   Rooms and Date: Bradley

§  November 16

§  Lectures: 1-2:00pm

§  Posters: 2:15-3:15pm (1 or 2 sessions depending upon # submitted)

§  Lectures: 3:30-5pm

§  Poster Awards! 5pm in auditorium

§  Auditorium and Concourse reserved 10-7

§  Fall: Break lecture chunks into time slots, invite speakers

·         On the Table:

o   Reviewers: Start recruiting poster judges and abstract reviewers (do in fall, doesn’t take more than a few weeks, make committee do it)

o   Volunteers: count people need at each time (e.g. # registration tables) and have sign up for specific time slots in advance

o   Get walkie talkies from Issel

o   Scoring System (Nicolas and Jaymin)

§  Rank!

·         In case of tie, split prize or have extra judge go run out.

·         Have someone type scores into pre-programmed spreadsheet, etc.

§  Best overall combined.  All reviewers count equally.  Abstract 1/3, Poster 2/3 if 3 judges for each.

§  Contingency plan if issue with poster reviewers.  Have lots of alternate reviewers. (Last year: 10 professors, 10 postdocs, 10 graduate students for abstracts.  All postdocs and professors for posters, grad students as needed)

o   Poster Session Layout

§  Put food on both ends (same in each place).  Don’t limit initially (makes people not come back). 

§  Need lots of signs (outside by security guard, to food, to registration, to command center)

§  Alcohol at command center

§  Registration upstairs and downstairs

§  Geran has picture of layout for Turner Concourse

o   No theme, open to all topics.

o   When to start contacting speakers (Jenn) (fall)

§  Need to decide who will introduce speakers.  Student hosts?

o   Publicity (Kwame, Lindsay)

§  Emails, fliers, website, calendars, etc.

§  Timetable for advertisement

·         Me: 1 e-mail June 15th, 1 July 15th, 1 August 1st, 1 August 15th

·         Wait for the fall to do posters.

·         Kwame: calendars and website!

§  Extent of advertising for opening of registration (June 15th if ready)

§  Check center and department websites for updates dept. admin e-mails (bcc!)

o   Registration Timeline:

§  Announce conference and open registration June 15

§  No registration deadline, but random prize to 1 pre-registrant

§  Abstracts Due: Monday, September 17th at midnight (extend to 9/19 for bad formatting, more abstracts, etc.)

§  Give abstracts to reviewers by Friday 9/21

§  Reviewers return abstract scores by 10/15

§  Results to abstract submitters 10/26