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Imaging Conference 2011

In order to connect all imaging researchers at Johns Hopkins University, we are currently organizing a Hopkins Imaging Conference on October 6th, 2011, in order to showcase local research in imaging acquisition, analysis, and application. The conference will feature an afternoon of lectures by distinguished faculty here at JHU, followed by a Happy Hour with researcher poster presentations. The HI2 Conference is open to all researchers and clinicians at every level (students, postdocs, faculty, staff, etc.). Anyone interested in imaging research is welcome to come!

** Many thanks to everyone who participated in our conference on October 6th! 
  • A .pdf of our program with all of the posters presented at the conference is available as an attachment at the bottom of this page. 
  • We've also uploaded photos of the Conference Lectures and Happy Hour.
  • The recipients of our conference awards can be found in the Awards section below.
Our previous pages (Imaging Posters 2011, Poster Confirmation, etc.) can be found in the subpages for this "Imaging Conference 2011" section:

The First Annual Hopkins Imaging Conference: Acquisition, Analysis, and Application

Submit an Abstract by September 6th, 2011! (You can also submit abstracts that have been previously submitted to other conferences.)

Register for the Conference by October 1st, 2011! (All are welcome to attend, but registrants have the opportunity to win raffle prizes.)

Please distribute our poster (an attachment at the bottom of this page) and forward the information to anyone who might be interested! :)

Details (Program)

  • What: The First Annual Hopkins Imaging Conference
    • Organized by the Hopkins Imaging Initiative (HI2)
  • Why: To showcase imaging research at Hopkins, forge collaborations, and generate new ideas
  • Who: Lectures by Faculty, Posters by Hopkins Researchers 
    • Grad students, post-docs, undergrads, staff, you! -- All are welcome to attend!
  • Where: Turner Auditorium at the Johns Hopkins East Baltimore Campus
  • When: October 6th, 2011 from 1:30pm - 6:30pm
  • Schedule:
    • 1:30pm - 2:00pm: Turner Auditorium: Introductory Lecture
      • Hopkins Imaging Initiative
        • "The Hopkins Imaging Initiative: A Collaborative Resource for Imaging Researchers"
        • Presentation by Issel Anne Lim (PhD Candidate, Biomedical Engineering)
      • Elliot McVeigh, PhD
        • "Introduction to Imaging Research"
        • Massey Professor; Director, Department of Biomedical Engineering
        • Medical Imaging Laboratory
    • 2:00pm - 5:30pm: Turner Auditorium: Lectures by Johns Hopkins Faculty 
      • 2:00pm: Xingde Li, PhD 
        • "Translational Biophotonics Imaging"
        • Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering
        • Laboratory of Biophotonics Imaging and Therapy, Whiting School of Engineering
      • 2:25pm: Andrew Ewald, PhD
        • "Automated, Parallel Optical Microscopy Applied to Breast Cancer Cell Invasion and Therapeutic Resistance"
        • Assistant Professor, Cell Biology
        • Center for Cell Dynamics, Institute for Basic Biomedical Sciences
      • 2:50pm: Jonathan S. Lewin, MD
        • "Overview and Research Programs of the Department of Radiology and Radiological Science at the Johns Hopkins University"
        • Chairman, Russell H. Morgan Department of Radiology and Radiological Science
        • Martin Donner Professor, Radiologist-in-Chief at Johns Hopkins Hospital
      • 3:00pm: Elliot Fishman, MD
        • "3D CT Imaging: From Theory to Practice (How We Do It)"
        • Director, Diagnostic Imaging and Body CT
        • Professor, Radiology, Surgery, and Oncology
      • 3:25pm: Jeffrey Siewerdsen, PhD
        • "Advanced CT Systems for Diagnostic and Image-Guided Procedures"
        • Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering
        • I-STAR Lab (Imaging for Surgery, Therapy, and Radiology)
      • 3:50pm: Intermission/Break
      • 4:05pm: Jerry Prince, PhD
        • "Challenges and Solutions in Medical Image Segmentation"
        • William B. Kouwenhoven Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
        • Image Analysis and Communications Lab, Whiting School of Engineering
      • 4:30pm: Peter van Zijl, PhD 
        • "MRI at the F.M. Kirby Research Center for Functional Brain Imaging"
        • Director, F. M. Kirby Research Center for Functional Brain Imaging
        • Professor, Radiology, Oncology, Biophysics; Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
        • ISMRM Gold Medal for Scientific Achievement (2007)
      • 4:55pm: Benjamin Tsui, AM, PhD
        • "SPECT-MR and 4D Image Reconstruction"
        • Director, Division of Medical Imaging Physics
        • Professor, Department of Radiology, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
      • 5:20pm: Hopkins Imaging Initiative
        • Concluding Remarks
    • 5:30pm - 7:00pm: Turner Concourse: Happy Hour with Poster Presentations, Refreshments, and Raffle
      • 5:30pm - 6:00pm: Poster Session A
      • 6:00pm - 6:15pm: Transition between Poster Sessions A and B
      • 6:10pm - 6:40pm: Poster Session B
      • 6:45pm - 7:00pm: Award Ceremony


  • Deadline is October 1st, 2011.
  • Register by submitting the form on our Register for the Conference page.
  • Registration is **free** for all participants. 
  • If you register, we will enter you into a raffle for a research-oriented (a.k.a., "nerdy") prize from We ask that you be present at the raffle, which will be performed at the Happy Hour. 
  • We're using registration as an RSVP, to gauge how many refreshments to get. Only registrants present at the Poster Presentation Happy Hour are eligible for raffle prizes. That said, even if you do not register ahead of time, you and anyone interested in imaging research are welcome to attend the conference.


  • Research Awards
    • Best Abstracts (2)
      • Most innovative research
      • Highest score for technical merit
      • Only abstracts that followed all of the formatting guidelines are eligible for this award.
      • $50
    • Best Posters
      • 1st Place: $250
      • 2nd Place: $100
      • 3rd Place: $50
    • Peer Choice Awards (4)
      • Each participant will vote for their top three favorite posters. The posters with the most votes wins.
      • $50
  • Participant Awards
    • The Principal Investigator whose group submits the most abstracts
    • Raffle Prize for registrants at the Poster Presentation Happy Hour
    • Prize for the most correct answers on our Guess That Image Competition (try your luck at our Happy Hour!)

Conference Awards

  • Research Awards
    • Best Abstracts (2 x $50)
      • Only abstracts that followed all of the formatting guidelines were eligible for this award.
      • Best Abstract: Amnon Bar-Shir, PhD
        • Poster A36: Design of Thymidine Analogs as CEST Reporters for Imaging of HSV1-TK Expression
        • Amnon Bar‐Shir, Guanshu Liu, Nirbhay N. Yadav,  Michael T. McMahon, Martin G. Pomper, Keri A. Tallman,Marc M. Greenberg, Peter C.M. van Zijl, Jeff W.M. Bulte and Assaf A. Gilad
      • Best Abstract: Silun Wang, PhD
        • Poster A8: Assessment of MRI parameters as imaging biomarkers for radiation necrosis in the rat brain
        • Silun Wang, Erik Tryggestad, Michael Armour, Eric Ford, Tingting Zhou, Kun Yan, Zhibo Wen, De-Xue Fu, Peter C.M. van Zijl, Jinyuan Zhou
      • Honorable Mention: Bruno Jedynak, PhD
        • Poster A37: Unified Tool Detection and Tracking in Retinal Microsurgery
        • Raphael Sznitman, Anasuya Basu, Rogerio Richa, Jim Handa, Peter Gehlbach, Russell Taylor, Bruno Jedynak and Gregory Hager
      • Honorable Mention: Amir Pourmorteza
        • Poster B23: A New Method for Cardiac Computed Tomography Regional Function Assessment: Stretch Quantifier for Endocardial Engraved Zones (SQUEEZ)
        • Amir Pourmorteza, Karl H. Schuleri, Daniel A. Herzka, Albert C. Lardo, and Elliot R. McVeigh
    • Best Posters
      • 1st Place: $250: Nan Li
        • Poster A25: Optogenetic-guided Cortical Plasticity Following Forepaw Denervation
        • Nan Li, John E Downey, Amnon Bar-Shir,  Assaf A Gilad, Piotr Walczak, Heechul Kim, Suresh E Joel, James J Pekar, Nitish V Thakor and Galit Pelled
      • 2nd Place: $100: Yifu Ding
        • Poster A17: A Dedicated Cone-Beam CT System for Musculoskeletal Extremities Imaging
        • Wojciech Zbijewski, Paul De Jean, Prakhar Prakash, Y. Ding, J. Webster Stayman, Nathan Packard, Robert Senn, Dong Yang, John Yorkston, Antonio Machado, John A. Carrino, and Jeffrey H. Siewerdsen
      • 3rd Place: $50: Philip Nicovich, PhD
        • Poster B38: Investigating the role of GSK-3 in microtubule polymerization through direct tracking of microtubule plus-end comets in live cells
        • Philip Nicovich and Fengquan Zhou
      • Honorable Mention: Fijoy Vadakkumpadan
        • Poster A14: Image-Based Prediction of Ventricular Fiber Orientations for Personalized Simulations
        • Fijoy Vadakkumpadan, Hermenegild Arevalo, Can Ceritoglu, Michael Miller, and Natalia Trayanova
      • Honorable Mention: Issel Anne L. Lim
        • Poster A20: Developing Quantitative Susceptibility MRI Methods to Measure Iron in the Brain
        • Issel Anne L. Lim, Xu Li, Craig K. Jones, Carlos A. Renjifo, Deepti S. Vikram, Jonathan A.D. Farrell, Peter C.M. van Zijl
      • Honorable Mention: Alia Khaled
        • Poster B19: Discrete Image Reconstruction from a Limited Number of Projections 
        • Alia S. Khaled, Thomas J. Beck 
    • Peer Choice Awards (4 x $50)
      • Each participant will vote for their top three favorite posters. The posters with the most votes wins.
      • Bricelyn Strauch, MA
        • Poster B8: Silent Aspiration Visualization: An Interactive 3D Model Comparing Normal vs. Abnormal Deglutition Based on Diagnostic Imaging and Motion Tracking Technology
        • Bricelyn H. Strauch, Rebecca Z. German, Gary P. Lees, Peng Ding
      • Qing He, PhD
        • Poster A10: Evaluation of Prostate Volume and Shape Change After Permanent Seed Implant by Analyzing Seed Displacement
        • Qing He, Yi Le, Junghoon Lee, and Danny Song 
      • Ali Uneri, MSc
        • Poster B30: TREK: An Integrated System Architecture for Intraoperative Cone-Beam CT Guided Surgery
        • Ali Uneri, Sebastian Schafer, Daniel Mirota, Sajendra Nithiananthan, Yoshito Otake, Sureerat Reaungamornrat, Jongheun Yoo, J. Webster Stayman, Douglas Reh, Gary L. Gallia, A. Jay Khanna, Gregory D. Hager, Russell H. Taylor, Gerhard Kleinszig, and Jeffrey H. Siewerdsen
      • Erin Zingarelli
        • Poster B32: Development of interactive 3D imaging teaching materials for gross anatomyusing publicly available DICOM datasets and low-cost software tools
        • Erin Zingarelli, Donna Magid, Krishna Juluru
  • Participant Awards
    • The Power Principal Investigator
      • The Principal Investigator whose group submits the most abstracts
      • Dr. Stewart Mostofsky (#Submitted Abstracts: 6)
    • The Power Author
      • The Author whose name was on the most abstracts submitted
      • Dr. Peter van Zijl (#Abstracts: 8)
    • Winner of our Guess That Image! Competition
      • Issel Anne L. Lim
    • Raffle Prize for registrants at the Poster Presentation Happy Hour
      • Registrant #1 (Number selected by the audience): Kwame Kutten


Photographs from the Conference Lectures and Conference Happy Hour can be found in our Picasa Albums.

 Faculty Lectures Poster Presentations @ Happy Hour

2011-10-06: Hopkins Imaging Conference: Faculty Lectures


2011-10-06: Hopkins Imaging Conference: Happy Hour

Contact the Committee

  • Send all questions to
  • The Hopkins Imaging Conference 2011 Organization Committee:
    • Committee Leaders:
      • Geran Kostecki
      • Bradley Harden
      • Issel Anne Lim
    • Committe Members:
      • Fady Dawoud
      • Mehmet Arcan Erturk
      • Liheng Guo
      • Nikolaos Karakatsanis
      • Carmen Kut
      • Kwame Kutten
      • Jessica Mavadia
      • Elliot McVeigh
      • Mark Mentzer
      • Hassan Mohy-ud-Din
      • Jaymin Patel
      • Carlos Renjifo
      • Sahar Soleimanifard
      • Dan Wu
      • Di Xu
      • Domenico Zacà
      • Yi Zhang
  • Volunteers:
    All conference volunteers will wear [blue/colored] nametags. (Registrants will have plain white nametags.)
    • Conference Director/MC: Issel Anne Lim
    • Conference Director/Manager: Geran Kostecki, Bradley Harden
    • AV / Keg Coordination: Bradley Harden
    • Refreshments
      • Getting drinks/food, coordinating with pizza delivery
      • Bradley Harden, Mehmet Erturk, Yi Zhang
    • Camera/Recording:
      • Recording the conference lectures, interviewing / taking photos at the Happy Hour
      • Video: Carmen Kut
      • Photo: Carlos Renjifo
    • Guess That Image! Competition
      • Presentation and tabulating ballots: Jaymin Patel
      • Projector from McVeigh Lab: Liheng Guo
    • Attendee Registration tables
      • Greeting conference registrants, handing out schedules, etc.
      • Dan Wu, Yi Zhang, Mehmet Erturk, Sahar Soleimanifard
    • Poster Registration tables 
      • Showing people where to put their posters, handing out Peer Choice ballots
      • Di Xu, Dan Wu, Yi Zhang
    • Poster Reviewers/Judges
    • Score Tabulation and Awards
      • Geran Kostecki
    • Clean-Up
      • Bradley Harden, Jaymin Patel, Kwame Kutten, Issel Anne Lim, Carlos Renjifo, William Gray, Geran Kostecki, Fady Dawoud


Templates, Fliers, Examples, Programs

The following files are available for downloading. Again, please let us know if you have any questions!


There are two versions of our program:
The "AllAuthors" version contains all of the authors associated with each poster, in a fairly small font. The "LargerFont" version shows only the corresponding author and principal investigator for each poster title.

Conference Announcement Flyer

There are two version of our conference announcement: "HopkinsImagingConference_20111006_Announcement.pdf" and a more colorful "HopkinsImagingConference_20111006_Color.pdf".


The templates ("Lastname_Firstname_DatePublished_Keywords_Conference") are available in .doc and .docx form. 

The "Lastname_Firstname_DatePublished_Keywords_Conference_FigsTemplate.doc" shows a template with possible placement of the figures. (Please include figures in your abstract.) 

The "Abstract_ExampleLayout_SecondPage.png" shows an example of the layout for one of our abstracts (there's no need to use colored lines to demarcate your own abstract -- these are just for illustrative purposes to show the boundaries of the sections).
Kwame Kutten,
Aug 29, 2011, 2:53 PM
Kwame Kutten,
Aug 23, 2011, 12:57 PM
Kwame Kutten,
Aug 25, 2011, 12:25 PM
Kwame Kutten,
Oct 9, 2011, 7:02 PM
Kwame Kutten,
Oct 9, 2011, 7:02 PM
Kwame Kutten,
Aug 28, 2011, 7:20 PM
Kwame Kutten,
Aug 28, 2011, 7:20 PM