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Imaging Conference 2012

In order to connect all imaging researchers at Johns Hopkins University and showcase local imaging research, we are currently organizing the 2nd Annual Hopkins Imaging Conference on November 16th, 2012. The conference will feature an afternoon of lectures by distinguished faculty and a Happy Hour with poster presentations. The HI2 Conference is open to all researchers and clinicians at every level (students, postdocs, faculty, staff, etc.). Anyone interested in imaging research is welcome to come!

Information on last year's conference is archived here.

The Second Annual Hopkins Imaging Conference: 
Acquisition, Analysis, and Application

Details (Program)

  • What: The 2nd Annual Hopkins Imaging Conference
    • Organized by the Hopkins Imaging Initiative (HI2)
  • Why: To showcase imaging research at Hopkins, forge collaborations, and generate new ideas
  • Who: Lectures by Faculty, Posters by Hopkins Researchers 
    • Grad students, post-docs, undergrads, staff, you! -- All are welcome to attend!
  • Where: Turner Auditorium at the Johns Hopkins East Baltimore Campus
  • When: November 16th, 2012 from 12:00pm - 6:00pm
  • Schedule:
    • 12:00pm - 1:00pm: Turner Concourse: Registration
    • 1:00pm - 3:00pm: Turner Auditorium: First Lecture Session
    • 3:10pm - 4:10pm: Turner Concourse: Poster Presentations and Happy Hour with Refreshments
    • 4:20pm - 6:00pm: Turner Auditorium: Second Lecture Session
      • 4:20pm - 4:50pm: Susumu Mori, PhD
        • Title: "Advanced Magnetic Resonance Data Acquisition and Analysis for Neuroimaging"
        • Professor - Radiology and Radiological Science, F.M. Kirby Research Center for Functional Brain Imaging
      • 4:55pm - 5:25pm: Eric Frey, PhD
        • Title: "Quantitative Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography and Applications to Radiopharmaceutical Therapy Treatment Planning"
        • Professor - Radiology and Radiological Science, Environmental Health Science, and Electrical and Computer Engineering
        • Division of Medical Imaging Physics
      • 5:30pm - 6:00pm: Katsuyuki (Ken) Taguchi, PhD
    • 6:00pm - 6:15pm: Turner Auditorium: Awards and Concluding Remarks


  • Registration is **free** for all participants.
  • The registration deadline is November 1, 2012.
  • To register for the conference, register for "HIC 2012" in google form:
  • We're using registration as an RSVP, to gauge how many refreshments to get. Even if you do not register ahead of time, you and anyone interested in imaging research are welcome to attend the conference.

Abstract Submission

Accepted Abstracts and Poster Presentation Confirmation


  • Research Awards: Best overall research
    • 1st place ($400): Hao Dang
      • "Joint Deformation Estimation and Penalized-Likelihood CT Reconstruction using Previously Acquired Studies"
      • Hao Dang, Wojciech Zbijewski, Yoshito Otake, Adam Wang, Jeff Siewerdsen, J. Stayman
    • 2nd place ($300): Mehmet Arcan Erturk
      • "Interventional MRI Using a Transmit/Receive Loopless Antenna at 7 Tesla"
      • Mehmet Arcan Ertuck, Abdel-Monem El-Sharkawy, Jay Moore, Paul Bottemley
    • 3rd place ($200): Janaka Senarathna
      • "A Miniaturized Platform for Laser Speckle Contrast Imaging"
      • Janaka Senarathna, Kartikeya Murari, Abhishek Rege, Ralph Etienee-Cummings, Nitish Thakor
    • 4th place ($100): Cyrus Beh
      • "High-Throughput Microfluidic Preparation of Imaging-Visible Embolic Beads"
      • Cyrus Beh, Clifford Weiss, Hai-Quan Mao, Dara Kraitchman, Tza-Huei Wang
  • Peer Choice Awards: The audience's favorite posters
    • Winner ($50): Juemin Yang
      • "Homotopic Group ICA"
      • Juemin Yang, Ani Eloyan, Anita Barber, Mary Beth Nebel, Stewart Mostofsky, James Pekar, Brian Caffo
    • Winner ($50): Elizabeth Sweeney
      • "OASIS is Automated Statistical Inference for Segmentation with applications to multiple sclerosis lesion segmentation in MRI"
      • Elizabeth Sweeney, Russell Shinohara, Navid Shiee, Farrah Mateen, Avni Chudgar, Jennifer Cuzzocreo, Peter Calabresi, Dzung Pham, Daniel Reich, Ciprian Crainiceanu
    • Winner ($50): John Muschelli
      • "Resting State Preprocessing and Motion Artifacts"
      • John Muschelli, Mary Beth Nebel, Brian Caffo, Jim Pekar, Stewart Mostofsky
  • The Power Principal Investigator: The Principal Investigator with the most accepted abstracts
    • Winner (HII Travel Mug): Dr. Daniel Herka
  • 'Guess that Image!' Competition
    • Winner ($50): Tianxin Gao
  • Registration Raffle:
    • Winner (HII Travel Mug): Amir Pourmorteza


2012 Hopkins Imaging Conference

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Nov 15, 2012, 9:55 AM