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Volunteering Project

Interested in medical imaging? Enjoy reaching out to the community? Interested in public health related projects?
In collaboration with Medical and Educational Perspectives (MEP) and LIGHT Health & Wellness, we have recently received a student-initiated Urban Health Institute small grant award for this project, which aims to adddress distrust issues within Baltimore, by building and developing awareness about the benefits and risks of diagnostic imaging.
From our experiences working with the Baltimore community, we recognize a lack of trust for medical providers and researches conducted at Hopkins, especially among vulnerable groups such as the HIV/AIDS infected/affected population.  By establishing an open and regular source of communication, we believe we can enable better trust and more informed medical decisions for this population.
As a result, we are planning to host a series of interactive sessions and lunch/dinner discussions for African American HIV/AIDS infected/affected population at the nonprofit, to address any patient concerns in medical imaging, to showcase what we are doing at Hopkins currently. On the other hand, we are also hoping that this line of communication could in turn inspire PhD students at Hopkins to work on research projects that would improve both the safety and comfort of patients undergoing diagnostic imaging.
So, please consider joining the project if you are interested in
- participating in informal lunch/dinner discussions with HIV patients in the Baltimore community
- share your research efforts in improving medical imaging for patients
- teaching and educating patients about medical imagin
- Opportunities to be listed as an author for any resulting publications (for 2-4 students who remain committed throughout the project and assist in data collection)
Committment can range anywhere from attending one of the lunch/dinner discussions throughout the semester, becoming a student speaker at one of our events, or becoming a leader in planning and organizing the project.
Co-hosted by:
Medical and Educational Perspectives (MEP)
Hopkins Imaging Initiative (HII)
LIGHT Health & Wellness