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Imaging and data scientist positions - Philips

posted May 3, 2015, 5:04 PM by Bradley Harden
A recent Johns Hopkins BME alumnus, Alan Huang, has alerted us to a big pool of openings for Ph.D.-level imaging and data scientists at Philips.  Here are some of the job titles for currently open positions (with Job IDs):

Bioinformatics Scientist - Next Generation Sequencing (144757)
Clinical Informatics Research Scientist (062971)
Research Scientist - Cardiology Medical Imaging Informatics (129829)
Machine Learning Scientist (137372)
Clinical Imaging Informatics Scientist - Machine Learning (144761)
Clinical Informatics Research Scientist (154338)
Business/Data Analytics Solutions Scientist (144758)
Image Guided Interventions Systems Scientist (144764)

To check out the descriptions for these, enter the Job ID(s) into the Careers Search:

Additionally, these opportunities and others aggregated on the EDGE Job Opportunities page:!jobs-list/c19bu