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Recruiting 3 Postdoctoral Fellows - Molecular Imaging of Cancer - Stanford

posted Mar 18, 2012, 7:31 AM by Bradley Harden
The Stanford Molecular Imaging Scholars (SMIS) Program is a diverse training program bringing together more than thirteen Departments, predominantly from the Stanford Schools of Medicine and Engineering, in order to train the next generation of interdisciplinary leaders in molecular imaging. Oncologic molecular imaging is a rapidly growing area within molecular imaging which combines the disciplines of chemistry, cell/molecular biology, molecular pharmacology, physics, bioengineering, imaging sciences, and clinical medicine to advance cancer research, diagnosis, and management. SMIS fellows will conduct innovative research in cancer imaging under the supervision of two faculty mentors from complementary fields, in a comprehensive, integrated, fl.exible program (up to 3 years). Funding is available for stipend, supplies, and travel.

Application Deadline: 
May 7, 2012 
for a start date in September 2012

Applicants must have a PhD or MD and must be 
US citizens or permanent residents. 

Inquiries to So.a Gonzales 
(650) 724-9139;

More information: