The Johns Hopkins Imaging Initiative grew from the Johns Hopkins Training Program in Translational Research in Imaging (TPTRI). Details can be found on the following website:

TPTRI provides excellent opportunities for trainees to merge clinical and engineering research, specifically focusing on biomedical imaging. The goal of this program is to assist applicants, students, and faculty by introducing information about the training program, showcasing imaging-oriented events and activities, and building an online platform to connect the imaging community.

As shown in the image below, each trainee in the TPTRI must complete a project with a clinical peer, under the supervision of both a clinical and engineering mentor. 

^Basic instructional structure of a project for a TPTRI trainee

Prospective trainees may apply in the fall of their first semester at Johns Hopkins University. Each TPTRI trainee must also help in leading our various committees, which are outlined in the About Us section.
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