Volunteer for a Study

Clinical imaging studies require a lot of data to glean physiologically significant facts. Would you like to help?

Information for Interested Volunteers

If you'd like to volunteer for an imaging study here at Johns Hopkins University, or if you're a research coordinator who would like to recruit volunteers, please subscribe to our Imaging Volunteers mailing list:
Researchers can email this list with details on the requirements for their particular studies.

If you're a volunteer interested in specific diseases, modalities, or applications, you can also search through the subpages of this "Volunteer" section, and submit the forms associated with those particular studies.

A list of all of the clinical trials at JHU can be found here: http://trials.johnshopkins.edu/

Information for Imaging Researchers

If you're an imaging researcher interested in creating a subpage for your particular study, we can create a page for you. Please email johnshopkinsimaging+volunteer@gmail.com with the following details:
  • Name of the study
  • Summary of what you're looking for (normal volunteers, a particular physiology, any compensation for participants)
  • IRB-approved ad or flyer
  • Contact information for the main research coordinator

Ongoing Studies

These pages are listed as subsections under this Volunteer section.